#11 winged men & women don’t need to be angels: Interview with Carlos Pedro Briceño


Checking in with Athlete Carlos Pedro Briceño:
Professional Skydiver and B.A.S.E. jumper, in Venezuela I am the only active professional BASE jumper and Wingsuit pilot


  • USPA Coach
  • USPA AFF Instructor
  • USPA Coach Evaluator
  • USPA AFF Instructor Evaluator 
  • Wingsuit Instructor
  • Wingsuit Coach Evaluator

Archivements in the sport:

  • 4th place Wings for Love 2019 as a team, China
  • 6th place World Wingsuit League 2018 Target accuracy
  • 7th place World Wingsuit League 2018 Speed
  • 5th place World Wingsuit League 2018 Glide, Distance
  • 15th place at the Red Bull Aces 2015
  • 2nd place at the TRIBU RACES, Hot Gates Race
  • 11th place at the PROBASE World Cup, overall ranking 2013
  • 9th place at the the PROBASE World Cup 2013, Stechelberg, Switzerland
  • 11th place at the World BASE Race 2013
  • Overall Champion of the Copa Oakley 2012, Higuerote, Venezuela
  • 3rd place at the PROBASE World Cup 2011, Sami Island, Greece
  • 4th place at BASE Jump Extreme World Championship 2011, Hotel Bali, Benidorm, Spain
  • 1st place of Freefly at Copa GO PRO 2011, Higuerote, Venezuela

We talk about:

  • What Carlos does for a living and how he got involved in Skydiving and later Wingsuit B.A.S.E. sport
  • How he got involved in Shows and TV production
  • He was lucky to be called off an airplane right before it crashed
  • Establishing his Freefly School at Dealend
  • What he thinks about being a professional skydiver
  • Giving recommendations to skydivers who want to go into Wingsuit flying
  • He explained how his bad landing in a competition in China already started a few weeks before the event
  • Dealing with the disappointment of getting hurt
  • How meditation helps him to overcome the time
  • What happiness means to him
  • His recipe for being so successful
  • What mental strength or mental power means to him
  • He explains his maxim: „live large! Life’s too short! Basically live the present and take all the opportunities that might come up to you!“
  • How he deals with the situation that he has lost 3 Projects due to the Corona situation
  • Giving tipps for Wingsuiters


Services Carlos offers:
I am available for Freefly and Wingsuit Coaching, load organizer and stunts. You can contact me through my IG carlospedroBASE, e-mail: carlospedro271@gmail.com or Facebook Carlos Pedro Base