#90 Interview: Pilot Brian Otieno – How flying became my passion


Checking in with Pilot Brian Otieno

Born and raised in Kenya 

Topics in this Mental Power Podcast episode:

  • How Brian became a Bush-Pilot and flys nowadays for Dropzones in Europe
  • Could you describe the mentality of a pilot?
  • Why is confidence, attitude and self-discipline important?
  • Pilots are trained to remain calm and deal with abnormalities or emergencies in accordance with their training. Flight training is intense and intended to stress-out student pilots. This makes sure he or she is confident enough to make sound decisions and execute tasks/checklists under pressure. How are you dealing with stressful situations?
  • Time, as well as other pressure-adding factors like turbulence, can make decision-making very challenging for pilots. What have you experienced so far?
  • What aspects are important to pay attention to when you drop skydivers?
  • Are there things skydivers can do to be safer on board?
  • Tipps from Brian to skydivers and if someone wants to become a pilot

Brian on Instagram

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