#22 Interview: Anthea Fisher – Mt. Everest Base Camp Manager gives deep insights into her work

Checking in with Anthea Fisher

Anthea works in operations and logistics in some of the most remote places in the world. Supporting medical programs for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in the developing world, as a field guide and logistics manager in the Antarctic and supporting expeditions to the Himalaya. She has over a decade of experience in mountain rescue, leading search and rescue teams in New Zealand and Antarctica.

We talk about:

  • How Anthea got involved in such interesting remote jobs and she lets us know more about her profession
  • What challenges she faces and how she deals with them
  • What is so demanding in her international work and also mentally
  • Anthea describes her work in the Mt. Everest Base Camp and her work with the Sherpas
  • What mental and physical subjects show up in the mountaineers at Mt. Everest Base Camp and on the way up to the summit
  • The earthquake that happened in 2015 when she was the Base Camp Manager for Adventure Consultants
  • The Heli crash Anthea was involved in December 2013 when she flew out to a very remote area in the Antarctica
  • Further plans she has in the future

What Anthea has done so far:

  • Since 2010 has been involved in mountain search and rescue, in NZ and Antarctica
  • Teaching avalanche courses in the winter and during the summer seasons she’s heads “South” to Antarctica, where she has worked as a Field Guide, leading groups of scientists into some of the most remote and untouched corners of the planet. More recently she has sailed south, working on the Australian resupply vessel, as the Deputy Voyage Leader, overseeing cargo operations for the once-a-year station resupply on the icebreaking ship, the Aurora Australis.
  • 2015 – 2018 Base Camp Manager for Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition.
  • Since 2017 has worked for MSF. Most recently to Mozambique in 2019 following cyclone Idai, to manage the logistics for a cholera treatment center.
  • Between this, she has been working towards completing a Masters in International Public Health, something she has had to fit between being at home and being in remote locations with limited internet connections.
  • At present, she has her bags packed, waiting for final confirmation of travel details, to head out again to support MSF and the projects they are working on globally.

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