#18 winged men & women don’t need to be angels: Gabriel Lott

Checking in with wingsuiter and police sniper: Gabriel Lott


  • 2018 Third in glide competition – World Wingsuit League (WWL)
  • 2017 First target punching – World Wingsuit League (WWL)
  • 2013 Second in distance – World Wingsuit Race (WWR)
  • 2013 Third overall – World Wingsuit Race (WWR)


  • 2016 One of the participants of wings over Rio project
  • First wingsuiter to hit a target in a hand of a guy flying a canopy
  • First wingsuiter to pass through hoops hold by drones

We talk about:

  • Gabriel describes his work life as a police sniper and how he got into skydiving, wingsuiting and wingsuit BASE
  • How his work affects his mindset in the sports sphere and vice versa
  • What mental strength he learns thru the work and how he transfers it into his sport
  • He describes what was mentally new and what he learns thru his sport
  • Gabriel explains how he found his way into the competition world 
  • How he deals with performance pressure 
  • What worries or fears he faces in general
  • What mental strength or mental power means to him

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