#66 Interview: Jenna Gygi & Jarno Cordia – How to improve your Wingsuit flying skills


Checking in with Jenna Gygi & Jarno Cordia
We are Wingsuit Team FlyLikeBrick. Known for wingsuit acrobatics, coaching, and competing as the Swiss Wingsuit Team

Subjects in this Mental Power Podcast Episode:

  • What is dedicated Wingsuit training 
  • How you can focus, prepare and improve Wingsuit flying skills
  • Why there is a strong need for goals
  • How Jenna & Jarno work as a Team together and what are the benefits for the clients
  • Jenna shares some experiences as a women in coaching with some clients
  • Which fears, insecurities and ego aspects are showing up
  • Insights on competition flying

Athletic Background
Current Wingsuit World Cup Winner 2019
Indoor Wingsuit Champion
FAI World Record Holder for longest Sequence

LO/ Coaching Events:
September – Burning Van Boogie, Peterlee UK
October – 13-17 Dynamic Flight Sessions, Skydive Spain
October 20-24 XRW Academy, Skydive Spain

August 2021 FAI World Championsship, Mondial in Tanay, Siberia

Services you can book with Jenna & Jarno:
Wingsuit Coaching

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YouTube: Jenna & Jarno
Instagram: Team Fly Like Brick
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