#32 winged men & women don’t need to be angles: Laurent Frat – talking about Wingsuit BASE education and his involvement in the Dunkin Donuts stunt

Laurent Frat of France poses for a photograph during the Red Bull Aces wingsuit four-cross race in Phoenix, Arizona, United States on November 18, 2016.

Checking in mit Laurent Frat

Previous firefighter and Paramedic who found wingsuit BASE jumping, left it all and moved to Europe so he could fly year around in the alps.  Spent almost 10 years of my life focused on flying wingsuiting in the mountains.

Now a news producer for the European Broadcasting Union – the world’s most important alliance of public service media, new dad, paraglider pilot, mt biker, weightlifter, flow seeker, and news junkie.  

Competitions and Events:

We talk about:

  • How he got involved in Next Level and the idea behind it
  • When he became a Dad, how it changed his life towards the sport 
  • His involvement in the Dunkin Donuts stunt
  • His different jobs in the training and preparation for the actual stunt
  • How he supported Ellen mentally during the production and in the flight line up for the target
  • Lau gives tips to Athletes and Companys who are involved in Wingsuit BASE stunt productions
  • Tips to Wingsuiter in general


Laurent Frat at Instagram
Dunkin Donuts
Next Level