#64 Interview: Anne Helene – The natural power of women


Checking in with Anne Helene
Anne-Hélène, born in France and living in Strasbourg for 6 years now. I discovered skydiving when I arrived in the region, in parallel, I also flew in the tunnel, and after 3 years of skydiving (especially free flying) I decided to start with BASE jumping. I mainly jump in the mountains, although I like the lower jumps. I now have about 350 jumps.

On top of that, I like physical activity in general. I practice CrossFit every day. I like all outdoor activities, such as climbing and yoga as well.

I’ve been a speech therapist (Logotherapist) for six years now. This involves managing language and communication disorders, as well as associated muscle disorders. I like to manage patients with complex neurological conditions, such as traumatic crania, stroke, facial paralysis or parkinson’s and others demencias. But all my patients range from 0 to 99!

I also have an activity related to fitness, as a photo model, which is very important to me.

Topics in this Mental Power Podcast Episode:

  • what has skydiving, tunnel flying, BASE jumping and modelling in common
  • how Anne Helene overcomes unsecurities 
  • how she gains and uses her natural woman power in sport, everyday life and in modelling
  • why she loves to be so active and demanding to herself

Services you can book with Anne Helene:
I don’t offer sports services. I can work as a model.

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