#80 Interview: Sven Ugau – Deep insights on target punching


Checking in with
Sven Ugau, BASE Coach

In this Mental Power Podcast episode we talk about:

  • How did you develop the interest for Wingsuit Base Target punching?
  • What was it, that you wanted to specialize in Target punching, what do you get out of this?
  • How did you find the right set up for the targets?
  • What do you have to pay attention to when you set up targets?
  • How do you focus on flying close to the ground and at the same time you focus on the target to punch it in the middle and stay in good angle and speed?
  • How does it feel to punch the target?
  • How can you prevent that material of the target is interfering with your vision/sight-sticking to it?
  • What is the clou about triple punching hitting to the single target punching?
  • What becomes important in focus and concentration on the triple target punching?
  • What about hurting yourself while hitting targets, what are the risks?
  • How can you make target punching “safer” if we can speak of safety?
  • How is the set up for target punching, how do you structure your teaching to finally start target punching?
  • What challenges your clients have to overcome?
  • What is the difference in punching targets just for yourself or attending a Competition with target punching?
  • Tips for you if you have target punching on your mind

Sven’s background

  • Ex-Schoolteacher
  • 1 World record – triple target in Walenstadt
  • Completed 2 times in the WWL (World Wingsuit League)
  • Recordholder of 164 targets until now
  • Today he is a BASEjump Coach, from 0 to Hero

Services you my book with Sven:
I offer beginner courses BASE, Wingsuit coaching and Target courses.
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Instagram: Sven Ugau BASE Academy

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