#82 Interview: Sam Hardy-Basejumping gives me everything


Checking in with 

Sam Hardy, Head BASE jumping Instructor and coach for Learn To BASE jump


Topics in this Mental Power Podcast episode:

  • How did you get involved with Base jumping?
  • What were difficulties you had to overcome at the beginning?
  • How did the transfer into BASE happen?
  • How did you develop deep trust in your abilities?
  • How do you overcome high pressure situations?
  • How did you proceed the fine line of knowing what you can do and develop further in your abilities?
  • People see wingsuit flying on social media, but they don’t see the huge amount of work behind it, what do you think about that?
  • When was the time you realized, you would like to make your hobby to your job?
  • Would you like to explain to the listeners the difference between regular Wingsuit Base and Proximity flying
  • Could you give deeper insights in the danger of Proximity flying?
  • What challenges did you face, how did you overcome them?
  • What means Base jumping to you, why is it so important to you, what is your reason for doing what you do?
  • How does your wife, family, friends deal with that?
  • How do you develop Base projects for yourself, how do you prepare for that? If you like, you may share some thoughts and feelings you have when you plan something “big” for yourself
  • What do you think which abilities are important to to build up for being a cam flyer in Wingsuit base jumping?
  • How do you keep the focus aline while at the same time you fly close to the object/ground?
  • How do you select your jumping partners and build up trust?
  • What do you think about “Ego” in the sport?
  • Your life maxim is: “Get up and go”, would you like to explain it to the listeners?
  • What do you think in what direction will Base jumping develop?
  • What tips can you give to someone who wants to proceed in the sport?
  • In your opinion, how can you make the sport “more safe”, is there is any safety?


Sport background

  • 2007 – 2012 Climbing Guide
  • 2008 – 2012 Kayaking and rafting guide
  • 2015 – till now BASE jumping Instructor
  • 3.500 Skydives and 2.200 BASE jumps

Sponsored by: Phoenix Fly, AdrenalinBASE, Atair Canopies, LVN lifestyle, Golden Tiger

Services Sam offers:
contact sam here: sam@learntobasejump.com

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Website Learntobasejump.com

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