#83 Interview: Douggs + Sam talking about LTBJ


Checking in with Chris McDougall aka „Douggs“ and Sam Hardy

I am a professional BASE jumper and have been BASE jump[ing 25 years
I am the founder / owner of LTBJ: www.learntobasejump.com

In this Mental Power Podcast episode we talk about:

  • Douggs would you like to give an Overlook of your Skydive/ BASE History
  • Who came up with the idea for LTBJ and how did you start the BASE School
  • What is the deeper thought behind the school, why you want to teach people to BASE jump
  • What are your thoughts on the learning content, how did you develop the different sections and what exactly do they learn
  • Would you like to introduce the structure of the Learn to Base Jump FJC – First Jump Course, Theory, practical and jumping
  • What physical challenges have the students to overcome
  • What mental Challenges are a big issue
  • What is your experience, people start with a certain idea of the sport, once they stand on the edge themselves it might not meet their expectations. How many take a glimse of the sport and soon drop out again
  • Once they passed FJC-First Jump Course they know the basics. How do you accompany them along the way in their further jumping development
  • Would you guys like to share some thoughts on the danger of the sport
  • What do you think about Ego in the Sport
  • In your opinion, how can accidents be prevented or what can the community do, or every single jumper, to accomplish a strong Riskmanagement for themselves and also when in groups
  • Douggs, you are a Keynote speaker and teach people how to strengthen their leadership skills and also the ability to stay calm and focused in high pressure situations, would you like to share some insights on that
  • What recommendations can you give to people who are interested in the Sport but haven’t started yet
  • What can you recommend BASE Jumpers in general

Sport background
World champion BASE jumper
Skydiving world record holder
Represented Australia in both skydiving and BASE jumping
Worked with many major brands in the media
4500+ BASE jumps 7300+ skydives

Services Douggs offers:
BASE School
Keynotespeaking on risk management and life

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