#86 Interview: Aleksei Shatilov – Finding the right motivation in BASEjumping


Checking in with Aleksei Shatilov

A local base-jumper in the North of Italy with a 15-year experience

Topics in this Mental Power Podcast episode:

  • What he learned thru all these Events he attended in skydiving
  • What exact mental skills he build up besides physical goals and skills
  • How he finds new BASE Exits and how time consuming it is
  • Having fun safely
  • Sharing a passion with friends and how knowledge may help everyone in the team
  • Self-set rules on habits, routines, mindset and saftey
  • What he thinks to pay attention to, to stay long in the BASE sport
  • Tipps for you

Sport background

I graduated from the Institute of Physical Education with the specialization of Coach/Instructor. I started skydiving in 2007 and immediately started participating in fantastic events.

I took part in a lot of  Russian National RW Records as well as the World Records of 122-way and 202-way Sequential. Two other important events I would like to mention are 100-way Diamond and Flight of the Phoenix. And finally I participated in three World Wingsuit Records: 2009 — 68 pilots, 2012 — 100 pilots and 2015 — the First FAI World Record 64-way.

All in all I have more than 3500 skydiving jumps.

As for base-jumping, I came in the sport in 2008 and have made more than 1000 base-jumps since then. I got the second place in 2019 Base-Race in Norway and have found several exits.

Check out this article on Skydivemag.com on BASE and the new season. Aleks wrote this article with some other BASE Buddies.

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