#87 Interview: Maria Fedorishcheva – As a wife + mother – thoughts on my base jumping husband


Checking in with Maria Fedorishcheva
Maria Fedorishcheva, English and Italian teacher, former skydiver, immigrant

Topics in this Mental Power Podcast episode:

  • Get some insights, so you may understand better or get questions answered which are on your mind.
  • Hear the side of a non jumping wife
  • What does it mean to you, that your husband is involved in this Sport
  • What makes you believe that he will be ok and how do you trust him
  • How did you build up trust
  • What about fears, do you sometimes worry and if yes, what exactly about
  • How does your own skydive experience help you to really understand what the sport is all about
  • How do you contribute to safe BASEjumping
  • Did you ever think of going BASEjumping yourself
  • Did you move to Italy cause of the BASE Sport, did you like that thought at the beginning or how has it changed for you
  • You have a little girl and a boy with your husband, how do the kids feel about his dad
  • How are relatives of you getting along with the sport
  • How can a woman or girlfriend of a jumper get along better with her own feelings and thought about it

Marias background:
Political scientist and English teacher, CELTA A
Russian National Women’s record 88-way 2011 and 101-way 2012

My greatest achievement though is that my teenager stepson trusts me and my 6-year-old daughter says I’m the best mom in the world.

Services Maria offers
English and Italian classes on-line

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