#88 Interview: Arnaud Douville de Franssu – It’s all about discipline


Checking in with Arnaud Douvill de Franssu
I am a French physiotherapist working currently in Switzerland in a little town called Martigny 45min away by car from Chamonix. I have been living there for 4 years now and I am working with my friends in a sport clinic called Medsport.

I graduated in 2012 in Paris and have always been interested in sport physiotherapy from the beginning because I was practicing a lot of different sports since my young age and did also, before being physiotherapist, a kind of bachelor in a sport university to learn and teach sports at school.

I worked in Paris for a few years before I got the opportunity to travel a bit and work abroad for a few football teams in Switzerland first, then Saudi Arabia and UAE.

And finally moved back to Switzerland to enjoy more on a personal level some nature and adventures with my friends than to work as a sport physiotherapist in a professional team.

Topics in this Mental Power Podcast episode:

  • You worked as a physiotherapist in Paris for a while and left then to work for football teams in Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE), what did you like about that work
  • What exactly means performance in your opinion
  • How can you prevent injuries thru nutrition’s
  • How can athletes be more educated about food
  • What did you learn about sport, working so close with the athletes
  • How can an athlete build up trust again after injury
  • What were typical physical and mental challenges they had to overcome
  • What tipps can you give to not be injured

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