#89 Interview: Maurizio de Palma – Take care of BASE and BASE will take care of you


Checking in with Maurizio Di Palma

My name is Maurizio di Palma, I am 43 years old, I have passed my last 26 years with a parachute on my shoulders, 21 with a BASE rig.

I have dedicated and am still doing my life to one of the most grateful activities that one person can do in his life, the BASE Jump.

I have passed all this time thinking about the jump that will do tomorrow, improving and teaching all skydivers that would like to be transform in BASE jumper the best techniques to enjoy this „sport“ in the safest way possible

Themes in this Mental Power Podcast episode:

  • In your opinion, where are we now and where do we probably go in the future
  • Base jumping is a jung sport compared to others, the equipment was not so far developed as today, how does that influence the safety of the sport
  • Did you notice change in the danger due to equipment development
  • Brento becomes fuller every year, what do you think about that
  • What can be done, so it won’t become too crowded and disturb the local communitv
  • Why do you think people start this sport and why should people not start the sport
  • What could be done, to make the sport safer
  • What does you fascinate about BASE jumping
  • Why did you start the BrentoBASESchool
  • What a typical mental aspects students have in the basic BASE education compared to ongoing education in Wingsuit BASE
  • What do you think about Fear, Emotions, Death, Ego, Peer Pressure
  • How and why did you get interested in TandemBASE?
  • Who are your clients
  • What are the risks of Tandem BASE
  • Why are they up to Tandem BASE and take this greater risk
  • Do you think TandemBASE has a great future
  • Advice and tipps from Mauri at the end

Sport background

Began to skydive in 1996, when, just over eighteen years old, enlisted himself as a volunteer in the Italian army, where he actively served for three years in the Brigata Paracadutisti Folgore (Folgore Skydive Brigade)

2001 was the year when he came into contact with the BASE jump world, dedicating to it all his passion since the first steps (or better the first jumps!)

Nowadays, after 21 years of activity, he counts more than 5800 jumps, from more than 550 spots, scattered all over 26 different countries worldwide. He jumped from all the four letters that build the acronym BASE (Bridges, Antennas, Spans and Earth), plus several jumps from unusual spots, characterized by very particular features, such as the famous Angel Falls in Venezuela, El Capitan in the Yosemite Park (USA), the Corcovado in Brazil, the Tour Eiffel in Paris, and the Moses Stadium in Durban. These are some of the best international examples, which are sided by incredibly amazing jumps from some of the most famous Italian historical monuments, such as the Dome of Milan, the Colosseum, the Giotto’s campanile, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Torrazzo in Cremona, the Mangia tower in Siena

Maurizio’s portfolio includes jumps from exits as low as 29 meters ( 90 feet ) , reaching up to 4000 meters ( 1200 feet ). He is an expert wingsuit pilot with more than 1600 jumps till now, and he is a co-founder and active member of Mucho BASE since 2002.

He is one of the very few people in the world able to do tandem BASE jumps, and he has a deep knowledge of all the modern techniques applied to BASE jumping, such as aerials, ultra low jumps, track-suit and wing-suit.

I think I have synthesized some of these in my Bio, but if I need to remember some of the most iconic events I remember when I jumped inside a Cathedral in Bruxelle in 2005, this was for sure today one of the most strange places where I flew my parachute.

I remember when I was arrested in Durban I spent a night in a South African jail after jumping the Mosses stadium.

Was great also the BASE events and competition years around the world, China WWL and Wings for Love (With my team we won the first edition), The Skyscraper festival In Frankfurt in 2010, Kl Tower, Benidorm in Spain and many others

I can’t forget my first TandemBASE with Sean Chuma, the course that I did with him in the USA and the unbelievable emotions that all passengers give to me every time.

Teaching at the end for me it’s not a real job because I love what I do and when you help someone to realize a dream you can just feel privileged.

Services Mauri offers:
BASE Coaching
BASE Education

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