#8 winged men & women don’t need to be angels: Interview with Ellen Brennan Frat-episode 1

Checking in with Athlete Ellen Brennan Frat:
Experienced Wingsuit B.A.S.E. jumper who’s been jumping since 2006, participated in many competitions and film projects. Also an ICU nurse and new mom.

Titels and archivements:

  • Former „fastest flying woman in the world“
  • TEDx Chamonix speaker
  • First person to successfully grab an object during Wingsuit flight – Dunkin Donut stunt for the Advertisement
  • World Wingsuit League (WWL) competitor 2013, 2014, 2016, 2018
  • Red Bull Aces competitor in 2014

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We talk about:

  • What brought you into the Wingsuit B.A.S.E. Sport?
  • Why are you so passionate about it?
  • What mental difficulties or challenges came up as you proceeded in the Sport? What exactly was it?
  • How did you master them?
  • How do you deal with uncertainty, worries or fear in the B.A.S.E. Sport?
  • Would you like to share some of your fears or uncertainties?
  • How did you find your way into the competitive Wingsuit B.A.S.E. World?
  • Did you have someone around who supported you on that way?
  • How do you deal with being competitive and the competitive pressure? Especially as the only woman at the WWL.
  • How do you focus and bring such good results?
  • What is your recipe for being so successful?
  • How come not many women are seen competing in Wingsuit B.A.S.E.?
  • What do you think should happen, so more woman become interested?
  • What different mental aspects do you see for woman compared to men in the sport?
  • What would it take to bring up more woman in the sport?
  • You got married last year and your baby-boy was born – does that change your mental engagement towards your Wingsuit B.A.S.E./ Competition
  • What mental difficulties arise?
  • What means mental strength or mental power to you?
  • What do you wish for yourself in the future?
  • What tips can you give other athletes and especially woman on their way in the Wingsuit B.A.S.E. Sport
  • What further plans do you have in mind for 2020?

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