#79 Interview: Sven Ugau – Talking about BASE education


Checking in with
Sven Ugau, BASE Coach

In this Mental Power Podcast episode we talk about:

  • Obsessed about motorcycles I find out speed became a kind of mindfulness, a way to hyperfocus on. In combination with a childhood dream to fly I discovered Wingsuit BASEjumping.

    I find out that 200km/h on 2 tires feels not the same as 200km/h in the sky, connection to the ground was needed. Hitting targets brought two worlds together.

  • How he started his BASE Academy and what his education looks like
  • His personal way of teaching, so you may reach your goal in Wingsuit flying and become a better pilot from the start, cause he teaches in a certain direction
  • How his BASE education is structured
  • Why culture and language plays an important role
  • How he select his students, what requirements you have to fulfil
  • Everyone needs to realise that you are responsible for all your actions and how important it is to make wise decisions, always
  • Tips for you

Sven’s background

  • Ex-Schoolteacher
  • 1 World record – triple target in Walenstadt
  • Completed 2 times in the WWL (World Wingsuit League)
  • Recordholder of 164 targets until now
  • Today he is a BASEjump Coach, from 0 to Hero

Services you my book with Sven:
I offer beginner courses BASE, Wingsuit coaching and Target courses.
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Instagram: Sven Ugau BASE Academy
Great Book of BASE from Matt Gerdes

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