#17 Interview Miles Timothy Cottman: Pro Skydiver, Speedflier & Swoopfreestyle


Checking in with Australia’s most active and determined competitive canopy pilot

Professional skydiver, Speedflier, Canopy- and Freefly Coach, participant in the Swoop Freestyle FAI World Championships, Member Australian Para Team, Member of Swoopfreestyle. 

Achievements and Projects:

  •  7th Place SwoopFreestyle 2019 Jeddah Season
  • 3rd Place Australian Nationals 2016 (second competition) 3rd 2017, 2nd 2019
  • 11th Place Overall SwoopFreestyle 2018 Tour (13th in Copenhagen, 7th in San Diego)
  • 1st Place British Open 2016
  • 2nd Place Danish Nationals 2016

I was proud to come first overall in England for the U.K. Nationals, I have a British Passport from my mothers side so it was good to return to ancestral roots and see how I would fare there.

The most exciting project I’m involved in would have to be SwoopFreestyle. They are really show casing swooping, and particularly freestyle, to the world.

I’m glad we’ve begun to head towards where Canopy Piloting and Skydiving should be in regards to the level of public interest. I’m also incredibly happy where I have placed in those events, it’s such an incredibly tough field and I’m just lucky to be in amongst it!

Services to book with Miles:
I am available for canopy coaching in Australia during the winter, and in Germany/Europe during the summer

What we talk about:

  • How Miles got involved in Skydiving and then into Swooping
  • What changed for Miles regarding focus, attention and stress
  • How he grew into the Swooping competition world
  • What mental challenges he faced in the preparation of going into competitions
  • How he deals with the performance stress
  • Further projects Miles has done in Europe and how the performance stress there changed
  • How the performance stress changed compared to Swooping competition
  • Miles explains what mental strength or mental power means to him
  • What plans he has for the upcoming future

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